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Арт центр "Пушкинская 10"



On the 1st of November the new exhibition season «FRAGMENTATIONS» opens at Pushkinskaya-10, it will include 12 expositions on 10 different platforms. Artist’s view can magically unite details that seemed scattered and also can notice the tiniest traits a whole. Alexander Goncharyk rationally selects some elements of a form and transforms them according to total geometrization and plastic ascetics. Vladimir Peshkov is looking for «the other» Venice, gathering its image as a mosaic of unofficial photos. Evgeny Morozov gradually constructs his own imaginary America from friends’ impressions, books and movies. Complicated landscapes inspire Maria Fadeeva to turn the view into abstract and floral motives. Fragmentation in art isn’t an irreversible decay, it undoes the whole to help the artist choose the main elements for creating a new, unique image.


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