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On the 28th of June Art centre opens the anniversary Festival «Day of Home» to celebrate its 25th Birthday.

Pushkinskaya-10 began in 1989 as a self-organized Art centre Arc XXI century, uniting otherwise-minded artists. In order to develop the cultural activities of the art centre the artists S. Kowalsky, E. Orlov and Yu. Rybakov organized a non-governmental Society Free Culture (SFC) in 1991. After 7-year (1989-1996) confrontation with the government for the mere existence of independent art space, Pushkinskaya-10 became an unexpected gulp of freedom and an example for many. In the 21st century Art centre Pushkinskaya-10 stays loyal to the values of nonconformism, freedom and democracy ideas. Till now otherwise-minding is the only way for a person to stand against the mass culture pressure.

Today Pushkinskaya-10 is a necessary part of St. Petersburg, Russian and World culture, the only squat in the world that turned into a real growing Art centre, housing many artistic initiatives. For a quarter of a century the members of the Free Culture Society have been leading an important organizing, scientific and artistic work. At the anniversary Festival the Art centre presents its history and cultural heritage that was accumulated during the years of active interdisciplinary work.


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