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Арт центр "Пушкинская 10"



SUGGEN ROUTES is the final exhibition season of P-10’s jubilee year. 2014 turned out to be not only a celebration, but a wonderful journey around different venues. We celebrated  our 25th birthday in Oktyabrsky concert hall, in State Academic Kapella, in the Hermitage, in Russian museum. 

Pushkishkinskaya-10 artists now travel around the globe. Getting to know the world non-conformist way usually goes intuitionally, suddenly and naturally.

The new exhibition season consists of 8 projects on 7 different platforms. In the museum you’ll meet fantastic, inter-space exposition by SVOI art group and the Russian North series by A. Kulinich. Through the galleries we travel along the country biography (ArtLigue) and “Family relations” (Door), stop by “Two rooms” (Navicula Artis) and get to know route media-notes by our newest residents from Australia & Argentina. In the Art Bureau Xmas tale awaits us. 

The authors are glad to share their real and imaginary routes and spectators are free to choose their own. 


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